Why Can’t Men Stop Staring At Our Boobs? The Truth will Hurt!

Andre Gaudreault (Gaudwin)
2 min readMay 24, 2022


Get over it!. Men are attracted to boobs because of that:

Konrad Lorenz, Behind the Mirror

In nature, children stop being cared for by their parents when they lose their ROUND features.
Today, men and women are still wired to be attracted by these features.
In the past, males protected children AND their mothers, who were very young at the time, until they all lost their childhood features.
Because the times were rough, the mothers who kept their childhood look the longest had more survival chances.
Thus, women have been socially selected to keep a younger look.

Here’s one concrete evidence among many of them:

Henry Thomas was the best child actor I had ever seen. But, unfortunately, we don’t see him anymore. Because he lost his childhood appearance? Not so for Drew Barrymore!

So, the time has come for modern women to GROW UP and

1) accept that men are irremediably wired to be attracted to their boobs because of their ROUND forms.

Or 2) cover them up.
As a man, I can say that looking at them is natural, while not looking takes a constant conscious discipline.
I wouldn’t mind if they “grow up” …I like boobs and wouldn’t need to fight this natural urge anymore.
PS I wouldn’t mind either if they accept that we men protected them for millions of years until the modern world weans them from the need to be.

There you have it! Don’t blame me if I ever fail in my efforts to resist your showing them-up to be “attractive.”.



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