“We’ve witnessed the dawning of an age when neither a sex scandal nor a financial scandal — any scandal at all, really — is enough to bring down a president.”

Our age is an age in which the media allow natural social phenomena to play the same roles in society as they were playing in nature when all members of a social group were in direct contact.
This is the reason why we must be kind to Donald Trump’s staunch followers since the Trump they know is the one from “The Apprentice” an alternate reality in which he represented the ultimate inalienable authority…even though it was entirely staged…unbeknown to them.
There is an aspect of the natural world that explains there fixation: the “agonistic behaviors” social animals use to establish their dominance in their youth before putting it in practice when adults.
During their young age, all males of social species compete among themselves using display behaviors (The apprentice) involving “tests of strength or threat display that make animals look large and more physically fit, a display that may allow it to gain the resource before an actual battle takes place.” Agonistic behavior — Wikipedia
He was, is, and will be a winner for hem no matter what he did or does, or what happens to him!

The precedent doesn’t negate the obvious fact, for me at least, that Trump is the ultimate dominant personality, of the world I would say.
Too bad he is a total waste for humanity since he has used this strength of his throughout his life to dominate the “alternate realities” that his dad’s money, his own rules in business, his “reality show,” and now his presidency have allowed him to create for his own sake.
I wonder what would happen if one night he had an epiphany and decided to use the power of his personality to unite the forces of the world to Make Humanity Great Again by solving the existential problems humanity is facing at the moment.
I bet my shirt he would succeed! If he listens to the people having the same goal…Remember, it’s an epiphany!

I am a 74-year-old generalist, with two general BA and one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology all undertaken to find out what’s wrong with humanity.