Reality? Which reality? Ours is the only one we know and understand, but we made a mess of it because we have become a power that we cannot control after discovering the force of nature and using them our benefit alone.
Here’s how I see our limits as human beings. We are human because we can objectify reality in space and time and our “individual self” in it. I say “individual” because we have not yet become conscious of our “collective self,” the ² of c (our self-consciousness) in E=mlc².
And I say “ours” (reality) for the following scientific facts:
!) The sounds we hear whether it is a tree falling in the forest or a Beethoven symphony do not exist as sound but only as physical motion when there is no human present to listen to them. (Open in another tab)
As you can see the sound exist only in human brains or any other brain complex enough to transduce “compression waves” into “subjective” sound. The only thing that is “objectively” real is motion; everything in “reality” is motion. A symphony is beautiful because contrary to the chaotic compression waves of a falling tree the compression waves of a symphony present themselves to our brains as natural mathematical harmonies that we can appreciate.
2) The same is valid for the images that humanity subjectively perceives in the outside world:(Id.)
Butterflies, which are, in reality, nothing but physical energy express in electromagnetic motion — as are any other “objects” of reality — only exists in our brain — the same caveat as for sound — as “transduced” images. They do exist in reality, but God knows what they look like to themselves or to other sentient beings.

We are presently in the “terrible-twos” stage of our human phenology; as two-years-olds have to understand that there are rules in society that their “individual” selves need to follow, we need to realize that there are laws in nature that we have to respect “collectively” if we want to survive as a modern species.
Two-years-old have families to teach them how to do it; we have to do it on our own. However, I have been working at it — at how to evolve into “Homo novus” (Id.) — for forty-five years as a learned generalist of science after having noticed in 1975, at the age of 30, that 80% of the bodies of water in which I had swum growing up had already been polluted while applying the specialized scientific theoretical knowledge to society.
In my dissertation, I will define the present existential problem of humanity in terms understandable by all honest mind from 9 to 99, and show that we cannot solve it until we understand the true nature of “space” and “time,” the fundamental basis of understanding (Kant).
I will present my understanding of them notions after having elaborated the theory that I have developed based on a new understanding of scientific “objectivity,” which I will show to be as limiting to us as was our belief that the earth was fixed at the center of the universe. I will publish my work on the Internet for the world to see, assuring thus my demise. Indeed, Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake after having proposed something similar to the academics of his time.

I am a 74-year-old generalist, with two general BA and one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology all undertaken to find out what’s wrong with humanity.

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