“The messages of MAGA and Brexit may be very different from #MeToo and #NoPlatform but they are two sides of the same coin.”

#IToo got news for #MeToo!

These Baboons

are sending unconscious sexual signals, and so are these!

I am 73 years old, and, being perfectly aware of the evolutionary meaning of these unconscious sexual statements of the later, #IToo feel constantly sexually harassed every time I go to the Mall…as all males are by these ambulant sights.
In Baboons, it is the dominants who pass to the act, no wonder rich dominant humans tend to do the same.
Which gender is the more guilty the one who send the fashionable unconscious sexual messages or the one who biologically respond to them? The human mind is made of very crude and primitive components driving all our primordial behaviors.
This doesn’t mean that #MeToo have necessarily sent sexual messages, it only means that they are females victims of their gender propensity to send these unconscious sexual messages anonymously for fashion sake. As the dominant males are victim of the constant anonymous sexual invitations coming from everywhere on a daily basis.
Maybe Muslims have an evolutionary point!

You don’t have to go there, but you could stop showing me your butts since I’m very aroused by them, which, at my age, is a +… When I see those prominence, I don’t pass to the act, but I joyously say to myself “I’M ALIVE.” So…thank you for reminding me! I admit, I like them!
PS Following some French women and the Beatles maybe #youtoo should “Let It Be!” FCS!

I am a 74-year-old generalist, with two general BA and one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology all undertaken to find out what’s wrong with humanity.