In A. E. van Vogt’s 1948 The World of Ā (Null-A), people have to go through a series of tests in the Game Machine (La Machine des Jeux in French) which possesses all the knowledge of the world and knows everything about everybody (blood pressure, thoughts, fears, etc.); everybody being permanently connected to it, as it now, 2018, lies in the realm of the possible.

In this machine, people pass tests to go up levels of capability. Once one fails a degree, one is affected to a function in the outside world that suits one’s abilities and desires as divulged by the tests, and is set free to go.

If someone, as the hero of the novel Gosseyn, beats the machine to the end level, one embarks in a rocket to Venus, which had been terraformed, and in which, under the artificial atmosphere playing the role of a vast greenhouse, trees are the size of Empire State building, blades of grass, army tents, and raindrops, big enough to drown someone. In other words, people are the size of insects and can build their residences in tree trunks where the roots become the road system between different tree-cities were the action takes place.
I read this in the 70s, and I soon came to believe that van Vogt’s The World of Ā with his “Game Machine” possessing all the knowledge of the world was as true to the future of humanity as Jules Verne’s The Voyage to the Moon had been

These Canadians (van Vogt) and these French (Jules Verne), what a vision they have! I know, I am both, and I’ve got one.
If you want to know what it is, follow me, Andre Gaudreault, on Medium or Quora, where I will eventually publish De evolutionaribus res naturas which is a Universal theory of evolution, as different from Darwin’s as Plank’s is from Einstein’s. A ”Copernican revolution” in science showing how evolution proceeds dialectically from a physical “Singularity” to a state of supramental (collective consciousness) or to a physical “Singularity,” as this article explains the possibility. I will show that we have the choice of maintaining our dominance over the machine through the conscious evolutionary development of a collective consciousness or become a short-lived species of cyber idiots overwhelmed by electronic pollution.

I am a 74-year-old generalist, with two general BA and one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology all undertaken to find out what’s wrong with humanity.