I thought about what I would do. When my son was born almost 50 years ago, I was experiencing Buddhism. So, thinking of reincarnation, I decided to accept my son as a wise man who already lived and was reincarnated. I decided to treat him as my master-to-be.

I raised him as a free child of Summerhill (A.s. Neil). He was free, but there were three limits he needed to accept unconditionally: I could rule out anything that had to do with his health, his security, and my money. Besides that, he was free to do whatever he wanted.

However, at the level he could reach, my house was his house; everything he could touch was appropriate for him. My stuff was out of reach.

Now for your son. He seems to be gifted. I would recognize that and treat him as my equal by having a true friendship relation with him. That's what I would do.

I am a 74-year-old generalist, with two general BA and one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology all undertaken to find out what’s wrong with humanity.