Nice enlightening work! But you dozed off 45 minutes ago during the agricultural revolution which has been as essential for us than the first stone tools were 2.6 million years ago — period during which you were also absent on a two-week vacation. But I forgive you; you needed to rest.

As for you feeling “ …completely amazed and in wonder at the fact that Reality is even a thing.” Here’s a short formulation for you:

NB: I am French, and my writing is as clumsy as your drawing is, but I believe as significant.

We can express “reality” in one encompassing formula: “E=mlc²” which represent the “five” dimensions of reality (with each their exclusive properties) in which we live:

  1. E, Energy,
  2. m, Matter,
  3. l, Life,
  4. and c, Human Consciousness, for the first known four dimensions.
  5. As for the fifth, the ² of [c] Human Consciousness, it represents the “Collective Consciousness” presently obliviously “evolving” within the Internet, our collective “Neo-cortex,” of which Medium, Quora, Facebook, etc., are modules.

Each of these “dimensions” having properties that have evolved in a “dialectical” matter. Here’s how it went:

0. First, there was a “singularity” during which everything that exists in reality was potentially present “in principle.”

1. E, energy came out of this “singularity” as a Big Bang creating the first antithetical aspect of reality, its “duality”: the positive and negative aspects of energy which gave birth to electrons (small, in motion around, and negative) and protons (large, stable in the middle, and positive). Undetermined

2. m, From this first singularity/duality antithesis, always having the same properties independently of where they are, came Matter (synthesis) organized into a periodic table allowing the appearance of new properties with the addition of single elements (electrons, protons, and neutrons) Entropy Determined Reactive

3. l, then, from this well organized periodic table whose elements keep the same properties independently of the environment in which they stand came the antithesis of life which is “inordinately” diversified and dependent of specific environments. Negentropy Active

4. And, c, from the synthesis of all that precede came Human Consciousness, which is unique, we being the only form of life “consciously” and constantly defining our environment in space and time while defining it through the process of paradigm shifting. Syntropy Proactive

5. As for the c² (our collective consciousness), it is the “fifth” dimension with new and unknown properties into which the Internet is presently allowing us to “evolve,” and which would eventually allow us to find solutions for the existential problem confronting humanity at the moment. — ? ? ?

I am working at defining in solvable terms this existential problem while writing in absentia a PhD dissertation titled De evolutionibus res naturas which will be a Copernican revolution in science, as Kant’s was one in philosophy.

My authority comes from two general Baccalaureates, the second undertaken at the age of 35 to intentionally become a “generalist”; and one unspecialized Master’s degree from the University of Guelph, in ZooAnthropoScociology acquired at the age of 45. This personalized curriculum made of me a learned-ignorant generalist looking at knowledge from the point of view of evolution and able to easily perceive the “ignorance” of today’s specialists working for the advancement of knowledge within the value-free context of science, when it comes for them to deal with human survival, evolution’s ultimate value.

I am a 74-year-old generalist, with two general BA and one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology all undertaken to find out what’s wrong with humanity.