Explaining the Trump Phenomenon in Evolutionary Terms.

2018 top risks: a world ripe for crisis

I will give the ethological right reason for why Trump could shoot someone in the middle of 5th avenue, “or whatever,” and never lose a single supporter.
And give a learn-generalist explanation to describe Trump’s irregular mental state.

1) Why Trump could never lose a single supporter:

Donald Trump‘s supporters mainly know him from “The Apprentice,” an alternate reality in which he is represented as an ultimate uncriticizable authority.
The “agonistic behaviors” social animals use to establish their dominance while growing up in nature explains there fixation. Indeed, during their youth, all males compete among themselves using display behaviors (The Apprentice) involving “tests of strength or threat display that make animals look large and more physically fit, a display that may allow it to gain the resource before an actual battle takes place.Agonistic behavior — Wikipedia
This last sentence in bold from Wiki has been an epiphany for me: for Trump’s supporters indeed, it doesn’t matter what he does in the “actual political battles” of the day, The Apprentice has already confirmed him as being to them an uncriticizable winner!

2) My generalistic explanation to describe Trump’s irregular mental state:

Trump is not a liar. He’s a prolific builder of “alternate realities,” without which he could not function since he has lived in such realities all of his life. Firstly, he lived in the one his daddy effectively built around him. Then, in the one his lawyers professionally created while managing his business failures in ways that made him perceived his bankruptcies as genuine successes, while others were suffering the consequences. Then, the one created in his “reality” show by TV professionals producers who staged him as an implacable and ruthless dominant figure.
Now that “the buck stops with him” he cannot but openly creates himself his own alternate reality using the resources of his presidency, while awkwardly trying to be as efficient professional and creative, as his daddy his lawyers and his producers were respectively.
And, he is surprisingly good at it; nobody in the whole world I believe could have done what he did and do what he does and still comfortably be in power like he is. Too bad he doesn’t put his true dominant personality at work to “make humanity great again,” like we need to become before we destroy everything we have created…


For this, we need to convert our economy and our mind. I have been working at it for forty-five years as a learned-generalist of science with two general BA and one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology. All intentionally undertaken since the mid-70s to find out, as a generalist, why specialized knowledge workers cannot define the present existential problem of humanity in solvable terms.

I will soon, I hope, publish on the Internet — our “budding” collective self-consciousness — the result of my research in an undefendable PhD dissertation — undefendable because as a learned-generalist I have no academic peers. However, contrary to all defendable PhD dissertations, mine, provisionally title Know Ourselves!: Defining the Present Existential Problem of Humanity in Evolutionary Terms, will be understandable by all honest mind from 9 and younger to 99 and older. In it, I will diagnose our species as being an individual (Species as Individuals) in its “terrible-two “ stage of development in dire need of acquiring a collective self-consciousness to function adequately in nature, like “terrible twos” individually need to do with their self to function adequately in society. For the learned reader what I am saying here is that “phylogeny needs to recapitulate ontogeny.”

Let us hope that Trump can “convert” himself and work at making humanity great again. At the moment, given the state of the world, I believe that if he does convert himself and grow out of his own “terrible-two” stage by making peace with the Media his Intelligence and scientists, for a start, that he could eventually be hope for humanity. If he does, he will have his name printed in gold in history. The time has indeed come for us to use all the resources that we have for the good of all, the good of our species.

For that, we need to find ways to work as an integrated individual in a conjoint effort to save the world while putting together all the resources of China and the rest of Asia and Russia along with Europe and the Americas.* If we succeed, we will have built the home base needed “to go where no one has gone before” as many alien species have done while visiting us incognito. I am indeed sure that they came to visit; my theory allows it, and where there is smoke, there is fire. And there have been too many reports of sighting for me not to believe they came. Why incognito? Because they came. They saw and didn’t let themselves known because they found the situation hopeless. Let’s prove them wrong!

*I left Australia aside on purpose; they should be the observers of this experiment in case it fails, so they be the last Continent standing… But it’s a joke…I really forgot them… But this odd last retort of mine could have its merit, couldn’t it?

I have indeed developed a scientific theory based on a new conception of space-time which allows me to see everything from a different uncritical perspective, as I have shown in this comment, and which would enable the world to save itself if it accepts it.

Not a small task! But I am 74 and have worked at it almost full time in and out of the university system for 45 years. Where did I get my money? For one think I have succeeded in convincing my doctor to diagnose me as suffering from borderline personality disorder so I could live on a disability pension. I am border-line all right but on the right side of the line observing humanity destroy itself on the other side while making a living at it.

My demand for disability pension after I had received an unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology was first rejected but accepted on appeal. When I pass in front of the reviewer, I honestly explained to her what I did with my life and what I wanted to do with my independent research. She got up without saying a word as soon as I finished talking, took all her things and start walking out. I was stunned, not knowing what was happening. When I turn towards my Legal Aid lawyer, she was happy and radiant while telling me that I had won my case since she didn’t have to speak after my presentation.

When I finish with exposing my theory, I hope that you all put your things together on a new understanding of your selfishness, shake up from your environmental torpor, and start putting your individual resources towards saving the world, as it needs to be. I have work at it independently that is alone and theoretically for 45 years trying to find the cause of our insouciance as a species, after having realized in the mid-70s that 80% of the bodies of water in which I had swum growing up were polluted.

I am a 74-year-old generalist, with two general BA and one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology all undertaken to find out what’s wrong with humanity.