Andre Gaudreault (Gaudwin)
3 min readMar 19, 2022



“There is no time dimension.”!

Of course, there is no time dimension since, as I may have mentioned to you before, the concept of “dimension” used in modern sciences is a fallacy, the “fallacy of misplaced concreteness.”

Indeed, dimensions are mathematical notions used by Descartes to represent reality on paper and in equations.

If there were three dimensions of space, taking one away would remove all the others since there would be no more reality in which they could exist.

There are indeed 4 “dimensions” in reality, and that is why all mathematics based on these assumptions works. However, they are not mathematical dimensions but real ones, all having properties different from the other dimensions.

These dimensions are

  1. Energy (Which has to be redefined.);
  2. Matter (Which is organized energy and entropic );
  3. Life (Which is negentropic and autopoietic matter — See Maturana for the notion of autopoiesis), and
  4. Consciousness (Which is the syntropic and universal awareness of the structure into which all entities are coupled — See Maturana for the notion of “structural coupling”)

The structure to which our species is “coupled” being space/time, the assumed notions that have given us the ability to “objectify” our reality as “appearances.”.)

We are now on the verge of defining another dimension, the fifth, the “Supra Mental” (Sri Auribindo), which is the one dealing with the “things-in-themselves,” the NOUMENON,” and which is the one with which quantum mechanics is presently hopelessly dealing in terms of “appearances” (wave, particles, discontinuity, etc.), at no events.

That is why they are stuck on their tracks and cannot go further since they are counting illusive “dimensions” of reality as scholastic were counting angels on tips of needles.

Furthermore, that is why I have problems verbalizing my findings since, besides being French, I need to formulate in English what Giordano Bruno and Socrates already told the contemporaries at the cost of their lives, that they do not know what they are talking about when talking about “dimensions.”

The title of my PhD dissertation:

“KNOW THYSELF” IN QUANTUM TERMS; TOWARDS A “THEORY OF EVERYTHING.” A “Second Copernican Revolution” Recognizing Human Specialization as an Anomaly of Evolution.

This dissertation will be be written in English by a 77yo French physicist-at-heart, a learned-ignorant-generalist-of -knowledge having acquired two general BA and one unspecialized MA in Zoo-Anthropo-Sociology to find out why specialists of science and philosophers cannot define in solvable terms the problems created by progress.

MY working hypothesis:

You will ask me why in English? Because I have lost my French, having run away from Quebec to move to Ontario thirty years ago. I expatriated because my fellow Quebeckers did not know what I was talking about, as I did not either at the time. I decided to move to Ontario, where I knew I would also be ignored, but I preferred it to be in English rather than French. I had then the opportunity to consider this difficulty to express myself as a matter of language rather than personal.

PS, In fact, there is a time dimension. However, it is a “dimension” that has nothing to do with the ones modern sciences are dealing with. It is the “Fifth” Supra Mental encompassing the other four in opposition to another “parallel” set of five dimensions, which makes the ten string-theorists are dealing with, and which will encompass the ultimate eleventh as the emerging synthesis of these two sets of five when I am done with my dissertation.



Andre Gaudreault (Gaudwin)

70+generalist, two general BA & one unspecialized MA in ZooAnthropoSociology acquired to find out why specialists cannot solve the problems created by progress.