About Quantum Gravity as Presented to Tim Andersen, Ph.D.

Andre Gaudreault (Gaudwin)
1 min readSep 28, 2022



I am reading your piece: Any theory of quantum gravity will (likely) have these three properties


“There are a few other approaches to quantum gravity worth mentioning: quadratic gravity, classical gravity (the idea that gravity is fundamentally classical), as well as asymptotic safety. “

Space and time don’t exist in the implicate order “when” everything is holistically happening.

Gravity has to do with information in relation to Bohm’s interpretation.

It is our conscious observation that creates for us the “explicate order.”

When not observed or measured, reality is the “implicate order” in which there is no space or time — the notions we have conceived to “explicate” reality.

When not observed, the moon is “informatically” implicated with the earth, the sun, and the whole universe.

And since reality functions in quantum of actions (h), the moon is locked with the whole universe, the Milky Way, the sun, and the earth at each discontinuous h.

At each instant h, the moon is mainly affected by the earth’s mass of “information” (sic) since the earth is the closest and r the shortest.

And since the earth is round, the moon “curves” its trajectory at the discontinuous limit between the h, constantly remaining in equilibrium with the whole universe. ©



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